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Here are some press and media articles and videos that I have been involved in.

I was interviewed on BBC Radio 5 for Anti-bullying week in November 2006. You can also read an interview I did for BBC Online. I hope it helps to raise the issue of bullying for kids like me in schools.

In December 2006 I was featured in the BBC Radio 4 series "Am I Normal?". You can listen to it here. You need to have Real Player installed on your computer.

In Summer 2007 I was interviewed for More 4 News for an item about Autism, the use of computers and the Autistic Liberation Front. Here's a link to the Channel 4 page. Click on the "Watch the Report" link to view the video. There is a direct link to the video here.

I have been interviewed twice by Disability Now magazine. You can read a very short interview for their January 2007 edition here and a longer interview in their September 2007 edition here.

My voice was recorded for the BAFTA award winning animated series Troubled Minds - Four Stories which was shown on TV in 2008. It can be viewed online here. Asperger's Syndrome is the 3rd short story of this 15 minute programme and starts around 7:20 minutes into the programme..

screenshot of my live interview on CNN I was interviewed live by CNN during their feature marking World Autism Awareness Day 2nd April 2008. You will probably need a broadband connection in order to view my 5 minute interview.

Please note that the sound and video quality is not as good as it could be. That's due to a faulty cable tv connection, transfer from video tape, and the fact that the interview was done over Skype. Watch more of the CNN special coverage here.  

screenshot of my interview with the BBCI was interviewed by the BBC opening up my A-level exam results in Bath on 14th August 2008. You will probably need a broadband connection in order to view the short interview which is followed by 2 other students talking about their results.

This was an important day in my life as it enabled me to fulfill my dream of going to the University of St Andrews.

I'm part of Josh's Year Dot. www.yeardot.co.uk In 2008-09 I took part in a year long Channel 4 project called Year Dot. Most of the content is now available online,  and there are links to specific videos on my speaking engagements page.

In 2010 I helped lead a workshop on mental health issues with young people who have ASD's. You can watch the excellent film that we produced.

In 2011 I was featured in an article in Special Children magazine

In 2012 I was featured in an article in SEN magazinne.

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