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Here are some of the resources and articles that I have written, along with information about my book. 


Raising Martians: From Crash Landing to Leaving Home is my first book, designed to guide parents through having a child with Aspergers syndrome or High Functioning autism. Often when I speak to parents, they describe getting the diagnosis for their child as a crash landing: everything changes, and they start wondering what they should be doing differently. This book takes parents from the very basics of what Autism is, right through to a guide to primary school, secondary school, and beyond. In doing so, I try and enable the reader to see though the eyes of someone on the spectrum, so they can better understand their child. By the end, I hope that parents feel better able to understand their son or daughter, and that while a Martian may have crash landed into their lives at the start, it is a very unique and special individual leaving home.

 Raising Martians is available from Jessica Kingsley Publishers and most online and High Street bookshops. 

I am currently in the early stages of writing a second book designed to make the academic research currently going on around autism accessible to the layman.


NB. Please feel free to use these resources, however I do ask that you do not remove my name from them, and that you contact me if you are planning on using them en mass

Academic Writings

Muggleton, J., Seed, A., (2011). Classifying the Autistic Spectrum: Can it be done? A review of current, future and alternative methods of classifying the autistic spectrum. Good Autism Practice 12 (2). 7-18.

These articles are available to be published. Please contact me if interested.

Speeches and Presentations

Articles Written for The Press

Other Writings

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