Current Speaking Engagements

Joshua Muggleton, BSc (Hons)., MRes., D.Clin.Psychol, C.Psychol, AFBPsS., FRSA is a speaker, writer and consultant on Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Shortly after being diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome in 2005 he has been giving talks on high functioning Autism and Aspergers Syndrome across the UK. As a speaker, he is uniquely positioned to bring his own personal experience, anecdotes and insights together with his academic training and the latest research. His interactive, informal, experience-based approach has made him a highly popular speaker with parents, teachers and professionals alike. Josh is a passionate communicator, and enjoys nothing more than breaking down hard to solve problems and complex research into easy to understand concepts that can be readily applied in everyday life.

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From October 2021 until June 2023, Josh is studying for a PGDip in Clinical Paediatric Neuropsychology. Due to the academic demands of the course, his ability to deliver talks, training and workshops will be significantly constrained during this time. For more information please contact Josh. Please allow up to 7 days for a response to any enquiry.