"Autism is part of the continuum of human neurology"

James Hebert:: UNION-TRIBUNE ARTS WRITER interviewed Sigourney Weaver and Angela Pell. Below is an extract from that interview that sums up my understanding of AS (D) Autism Spectrum Diffability. I know that families have a difficult time and having an autistic individual in one’s family isn’t easy. However, being an autistic individual in a world that does not cater for difference isn’t easy either.

May 25, 2007

Sigourney Weaver, "….that autism is part of the continuum of human neurology, not some separate category of existence. That it is, in essence, a difference rather than a disease, although its consequences for those affected and their families can be profound… "

Angela Pell, UK (writer of Snow Cake) whose 9yr. old son, Johnny, is autistic.

"..Those in what's loosely known as the neurodiversity movement say talk of a cure is insulting and demeaning because it suggests autistic people are broken or damaged or otherwise need to be "fixed." They also argue that autism is an inextricable part of who the person is and cannot be removed like a bad tooth".

We all want the best for our children and our families. If we constantly give them the message that they are not acceptable then maybe we shouldn’t be surprised when their behaviour confirms our words? The best message we can give is that each one of us is valued and precious. That it takes all sorts of different individuals to make an interesting and diverse world. That mutual respect and cooperation give birth to more of the same. Being ASD is the way that I live my life and my life is worth living.

Wendy Lawson